Friends Christmas Party

26 Dec

Thirteen Christmas’ ago, I threw a Christmas party for all of my friends.  Since I was only 14 at the time, I was living with my parents.  It was a fun party complete a grab and the slice and bake cookies with the designs in the middle.  I do not think that any of us knew at the time that it would become an annual event.  So thirteen years and three homes later the party still gets a great turnout each year and is one of my favorite events of the year. 

I wore my new pink dress to the party.  I was concerned since my christmas apron did not match my new dress, so I made a new one.

peanut butter balls 019

I spent the days preceding the party cooking and baking for the party.  It tend to make a lot of the same food each year and felt that it was time to change it up a bit. (Thirteen year itch?) I wanted to give up the slice and bake cookies, since I can make something homemade.  When I threw that idea out at Thanksgiving, it did not go over well.  So I made the cookies (they are so easy)  and even found a new design, Mickey with a Santa hat.

christmas 2012 041

My new recipes this year were cheesy artichoke bread, buffalo chicken potato skins, sliders and cake pops.  (Recipes coming soon)  Each year I make a signature cocktail in a large pitcher.  This year it was Merry Margaritas (pomegranate margaritas)  They are quite simple to make and ended up with a few pitchers.  I was well prepared by the time the party started, the bar was stocked and the table was almost set.

christmas 2012 049

christmas 2012 053

christmas 2012 065 christmas 2012 064

christmas 2012 044

Each year I end up taking lots of photos but never end up in any of them.  So I had Athena circle the group with me, snapping pictures.  (Thanks Athena) 

christmas 2012 055

christmas 2012 068

christmas 2012 067

christmas 2012 069

Each year we do a Yankee Swap.   This year I thought that there were more good gifts than bad gifts. (There were still some bad gifts)  I had a decent number, 12 out of 19.  When it was time to pick my gift I went for the Justin Bieber paper. (How could I not?)

christmas 2012 092

There was some controversy as Johnny and Matt said that I would not like the gift and should pick another one. Since I had already picked up the gift it was decided that I would have to open it.  It was a Maker’s Mark gift set.  Not horrible but I traded for the Guinness.  However I did not keep the Guinness for long.  I ended up with this. (Everyone insisted that I try it on)

christmas 2012 102

A tee-shirt with Matt on it.  (It was Johnny’s gift and he is notorious for giving the worst gifts)  Apparently there was a Matt theme as there was also a painting of him (Which Matt got)  and a rubic cube with pictures of Matt on it. (I think the only person that enjoyed the theme was Matt)

The rest of that party was fun, a bit more eating and a lot more drinking. (for me)  I might have had a bit too much to drink, as I did not notice that Matt swiped my tee-shirt and took it home.  When I asked him about it the following day, he did not even try to deny it.  I am still waiting for my replacement gift.

christmas 2012 104 christmas 2012 100 christmas 2012 097 christmas 2012 096 christmas 2012 094 christmas 2012 093 christmas 2012 091 christmas 2012 090 christmas 2012 062 christmas 2012 061 christmas 2012 074christmas 2012 060


7 Responses to “Friends Christmas Party”

  1. Athena @ Fitness & Feta December 26, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

    Johnny ALWAYS brings the worst gifts. I’m still not over the 20 $1 cassette tapes. Or the 5 pack of Heineken cause he drank one on the way. Or the Rick James tee shirt.

    Very fun party, as usual, Shan! Now I need that Merry Margarita recipe 🙂


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